Value Proposition

Let's face it. Social networks are here to stay. We use them all the time. They are more than tools of communication. They start to define who we are or at least what we think we are. Or what people want us to be.

Social media fulfilled its purpose. It did connect us. But now it is getting sad. And stressful. There are countless reports mentioning that social media has become a source of stress.

Real human communication has by replaced by typing and typing and typing. Networks have lost their ability to provide happiness and joy and instead have become a place of comparison, vanity, and pure advertisement. We became personas instead of being ourselves. You see, when social networks were being built they only cared about their exponential growth and they never asked the questions of how they can make themselves enjoyable, humane and fun on a daily basis.

Depending on the social network you are in, you are a different projection of yourself. Professional network - professional you. vanity network - vanity you. But what if there was a place for ... you? The real you?

What if there was another way. A platform in which we could enjoy our friendships and relationships in a humane and fulfilling way. A framework where people are allowed and promoted to be themselves. A place where everything was designed to be stress-free from day one and for day-to-day use. Introducing shareapaint.

The social network in which you can share handwritten messages or posts using your own your own font. Just draw it once and use it forever. Your own Alphabet. your Graphablet. Your unique online handwritten identity. You don't have to be an artist to join us. Every day we promote drawing handwritten messages that everyone can write and share. We instinctively love these rushed, full of emotions, everyday doodles. Why is that important? You see, constantly typing about everything is unnatural. While it might be great for writing scripts and technical information, when used in our everyday communication it promotes a very calculative way of thinking. It makes us forgetful and actually dumber. Handwriting, on the other hand, is direct, authentic, real, enhances our memory and let's face it, tells a lot about you without even realizing it. You can't fake it. There is a whole science that analyses handwriting to understand the psychology and personality of the user. It's Graphology. And that science can also benefit from our network.

Still, don't believe me? Just think how important your signature is in your life. While we will never ask for your signature we will use your handwriting to connect you with other people and if even analyze your personality if you want to. Also, how would you feel if you were having a real wall this time at your profile? One that you or your friends could paint graffiti on. Now, something very important. Handwriting is hard to decipher into something that computers understand. So your communication is secure and advertising free. We are probably the most secure network on planet earth. While we won't prevent advertisers promoting ads in our platform we will do so without reading your messages, and even if we wanted to, well we can't. By the way, we call your messages “paintages”. Speaking of social networks, connecting is useless if you connect with the right people. You probably have thousands and thousands of contacts online but they mean nothing. Shareapaint allows you to connect not based on profiles and pictures but actual paints and those handwritten messages. Remember the part where we said that you can't fake it? Your handwriting is a signature of how you think and you feel. And even if you can't explain it - you can feel it.

Let me think - was there anywhere in history an example of 'we can't explain it but we can feel that there's something about it'?

Now back to reality- While other social media never cared to make themselves actually enjoyable, shareaPaint was designed from day one to be the stress-free social network. We won't show you, for example, if the receiver has read your messages. We know it's stressful. And if you find hard to draw on a device - Microsoft has a whole new range of products that promote handwriting with digital surfaces and pens. It's pretty amazing. Let's admit it we spend a long time online. Wouldn't be great if that time was truly enjoyable, constructive, stress-free and fulfilling.

Just being connected means nothing. Is the quality of the interactions with our contacts that matters.

the Happy Network.

Georgios Papanikolaou
Shareapaint Founder and CEO 

PS: Logo created with the help of: Designed by Kjpargeter / Freepik
Thanks to Steve Hodson for proof reading and ammending changes

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Love and happiness to all the people in the world.
Dedicated to Terence McKenna