To make the internet and social networking humane once again. Shareapaint introduces and promotes the sharing of small canvases of handwritten messages - just like tweets but all handwritten
Shareapaint was initially conceived on 2015, while some aspects of it were conceived back in 2006. However it only recently that I personally was ready to develop, maintain and scale it. Hi - this is George. The founder of Shareapaint.
You see - most networks - if not all - only focus on their metrics and user acquisition without ever answering basic questions like: "How can we make networking really fun but also a platform where users can connect for real?" There are countless reports mentioning that social media have made us sadder, jealous and selfish in a bad way - but that's not what humanity is all about. Humans are amazing beings capable of connecting, being creative and interacting in deep meaningful ways. This is where shareapaint stands out.
Constantly typing about everything is un-natural. I know - I use text and typing to now communicate to you but the moment I go and share a doodle with you or my name written down you will see the instant difference between the good-ol-fonts and my personal message. I mean think about it. It can't be normal for whole humanity to use only one font! The one that facebook or whatever network chooses to use! While we still have video and audio - the closest neigh boor in terms of convenience and speed to typing but while being an emotional carrier guessed it...handwriting.
No, absolutely not. We love everyday normal day doodles and handwritten tweets. We actually love them to be presise. Just don't be shy to draw and handwrite how you feel. At the same time if you are indeed an artist, like a tattoo artist, fashion designer or illustrator, we would love to have you on board!

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Love and happiness to all the people in the world.
Dedicated to Terence McKenna